Topics or Keywords- which one is best for blogging when it comes to SEO

A strong storm of controversy is currently blowing the modern SEO market that whether keywords or topics are important for SEO-ranking over Google. If you consider the pre-Hummingbird scenario, then keywords have got a greater emphasis on Google ranking, but with the emergence of Hummingbird, the concept has undergone a huge change.

Welcome to the world of Hummingbird:

Hummingbird has brought a new era of SEO where topics are more powerful than that of keywords. But that does not mean that keywords are absolutely valueless, and thus they should be ignored. But yes, topics are of greater priority than any other SEO-affecting factors as per Google Hummingbird. Topic-based optimization can boost-up the site-ranking with instant effects.
Since the semantic-search algorithm is involved within Google Hummingbird, therefore similar topics are brought under one page easily. Therefore, if you choose any popular topic or any existing topic, then all topics sharing similar thoughts will come on the same page. In fact, this is one of the main reasons searching any topic has become so very easier on Google these days. Now, you need not require putting the keywords instead you can search by putting issues only.blogging
In fact, topic-based Google-search has made the search process much flexible and easier than ever. This is why you are suggested focusing on selecting topics rather than keywords. Keywords are important but only after the readers have found the topics over the net. For more simplified understanding you can test and try with any question over Google. Google will immediately show multiple articles covering the same topic within few seconds.
Nowadays, modern SEO-experts are focusing more on topics whenever blogging is concerned. Blogging is simply incomplete without topic selection. Therefore, proper online-research needs to be made first in order to get the best topics that perfectly compliment and describe your company’s objective and only after this selection SEO-process can be initiated. Your expert will surely assist you in choosing the best topics for your company’s blogging.

Is topic-selection enough for blogging online?

If you think that selecting the best topic is enough for online blogging, then you are wrong. You should produce the best contents so that the interests of the targeted readers can be held back for a long time. In fact, this is how your blogs can get increased online visibility and that too within a short period.
Best and highly professional bloggers should be hired so that excellent contents can be produced along with perfect positioning of keywords. Primary keywords can be hyperlinked with the official site so that the viewers can easily visit your site. Keywords having highest search-volume should be chosen in this respect so that blogging importance can be maintained consistently.creat a good seo blog
Though in this content piece topic-selection has been emphasized more than keyword selection you have to admit this fact that the results of SEO-strategies often vary from one to another. Before Hummingbird, SEO success used to be ensured by keyword-selection only and thus if you think that this strategy works for you the best then you can stick to the same.


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